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This o2 Indonesia site is kept as a journal relevant to design and sustainability issues, as a liaison for the o2 Global Network. o2 Indonesia was initiated on January 25th, 2008 and is currently activated by Singgih (Temanggung), Joshua (Jakarta), Tita (Bandung) and Ipam (Helsinki). Our intentions are to share ideas and experiences of sustainable practices, especially those (but not limited to) that have been happening in Indonesia, and to preserve positive values that come out of those practices.

Singgih Susilo Kartono, an industrial designer graduated from Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, now runs his company, Piranti Works, which has achieved a worldwide recognition through his main product: Magno wooden radio. Joshua Simandjuntak studied furniture design at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and is currently very active in mobilizing fellow designers to collaborate, while running his own design office, Zylia Design. Tita (Dwinita Larasati) studied industrial design at ITB, Design Academy Eindhoven, and Delft University of Technology, and is now working as a lecturer/researcher at ITB and heading the Master in Design Program at ITB. Ipam (Tunjung Ismoedi) graduated from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena (USA) and has spent a substantial amount of time designing and running a furniture business in Solo, Central Java. He is currently pursuing his study at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.


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  1. Rogier Savelsberg Avatar
    Rogier Savelsberg

    Dear Tita,

    Via Jules Janssen I got linked to your website.

    We are a studentgroup which is taking a minor Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main task during this minor is to start our own company. After numerous brainstorm seasons, we decided that we wanted to import bamboo disposable cutlery and plates.

    Within our productline we would like to integrate some kind of exclusive “fairtrade” products and products with an original design (Jules showed us your design and we loved it).

    Our question is where there is some kind of way we can work together? Please let my know whether it is possible.

    With kind regards,

    Rogier Savelsberg

    1. o2indonesia Avatar

      Hi Rogier,
      Thanks for your message. It would perhaps be better if we proceed communicating via email, mine is [email protected]

      (Sorry for a late response, I just came back from one-week trip out of town)
      – Tita

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