Bamboo Bike from Temanggung

Singgih S. Kartono, one of o2indonesia contributors, is currently testing his bamboo bike prototypes. In these series of photos, taken along the routes of Balun – Kelingan – Citran – Bendokuluk, he shows that bamboo has indeed been a part of village people’s daily lives. More photos from this trip can be seen in his Facebook photo album:  3rd Day Proto#2 Test

More albums that contain Singgih’s bamboo bike prototypes:

Bamboo bike testing

Prototype #2 Bamboo Bike Tested

2nd Day Proto#2 Test

Visit his Facebook for more photos about bamboo bikes, bikes, design workshops, Magno wooden radio, and the mesmerizing, tranquil scenery of Temanggung, Central Java, where he set up his design studio, manufacture and home:

bamboosinggih01 bamboosinggih02 bamboosinggih03 bamboosinggih04 bamboosinggih05 bamboosinggih06 bamboosinggih07 bamboosinggih08 bamboosinggih09 bamboosinggih10 bamboosinggih11

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