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This year Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) will host the 2nd international conference on design thinking: DesignAction.bdg #DAbdg

Now that about 70% of the world population lives in urban areas, “development” doesn’t always mean “giant structures”.

Solutions other than costly infrastructures should fulfill the needs of urban citizens. Creativity and innovation are crucial.

Therefore BCCF looks into #designthinking and urban acupuncture methods to inject creative interventions to the city.

Why Bandung? Because almost 70% of its citizens are below 40 y.o. This demographic bonus is a huge potential with lots of energy.

These dominant, young, productive citizens should be able to make Change for a better living space. The government can’t do it (alone).

DesignAction.bdg brings out #urbanmobility as the theme. Why? Every time we talk about Bandung, this issue comes up more and more often.

Urban Mobility isn’t merely about roads and vehicles. It’s also about mindsets and city elements that cause obstacles in mobility… such as shops in residential areas, cafes without parking space, schools where private cars take and pick up students.

Where laws are weak, solutions should be made from different viewpoints. #designthinking is therefore used and applied.

DesignAction.bdg conference is in Oct, but lots of Pre-Events, equally important, start in March until July 2013.

In March, Riset Indie team will conduct an expert opinion research, so the whole #DAbdg events can proceed with better strategies, based on data.

In April, BCCF will have an internal #designthinking workshop, to experience the design thinking process, facilitated by a former IDEO designer. #DAbdg

In May, Pecha Kucha Night Bandung is on! Gathering public opinions and having conversations about #urbanmobility issues, in a fun way.

In June, Riset Indie is on the role again: providing new experiences in interacting with Bandung’s notorious “angkot” in “Angkot Day”!

July will see the last series of #DAbdg pre-events: Sahabat Kota holds “Riung Gunung”, involving children as co-designers. Children in this workshop are 9-12yo, but they own the city in 20+years. They have to create their own urban space and mobility NOW.

All results, artifact & documentations from these pre-events will be exhibited and presented at #DesignActionBDG conference in October.

The #DesignActionBDG conference itself aims to give recommendations of #urbanmobility solutions other than conventional infrastructures.

We’ll surely publish more details about #DesignActionBDG conference & pre-events. Follow @BCCF_bdg and stick around for updates! 🙂

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