Laminated Bamboo Stool

Sadhiya Hanindita completed his study at the Industrial Design Program, FSRD ITB, in early 2011. His final project was an exploration of laminated bamboo technique, applied to furniture for children – in this case, preschool kids’ classroom stool. He collaborated with a preschool in Bandung during his research, where he could observe the students’ behaviors in the classroom, especially when interacting with their seating facilities. He focused also on the potentials of Indonesian bamboo craftsmen in rural areas in the production process, in order to make sure of the production feasibility, by actually working together with local craftsmen in producing his prototypes.

Although the bend-press and/or laminating method has been known worldwide, it is the first time it was practiced in a semi-industrial setting, with particular production concept in mind. The result was satisfactory, although improvements can be made for a number of details, such as the joints and the cushions. However, this product is expected to set off a lot more explorations in bamboo-based products for contemporary needs, yet with production processes that are suitable for Indonesian craftsmen and SME. Following are photos of the prototypes and a couple of slides from his presentation materials.

3 thoughts on “Laminated Bamboo Stool

  1. paypay

    nyorosod henteu? eh i mean, i think the design kinda slippery at the butt, or its not? or is it made to be slippery so child could play with it?


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