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Art, Design, and Environment (SENDAL)

Dear SENDAL participants,

This term we are starting again with Art, Design and Environment (Seni, Desain, Lingkungan/ SENDAL) course. This is an obligatory course for all bachelor students at The Faculty of Art & Design (FSRD), and therefore this class is attended by up to 250 people. Lecturers for this course are from all programs at FSRD ITB: art, craft, interior design, industrial product design, and visual communication design; who are each taking a turn to give an overview about the environmental issues relevant to art and design. As done in previous classes, we will also conduct projects (in groups) in phases; each phase will be graded as assignments, mid-term, and end-term exams.

The theme for this semester is COLLECTIVE IDENTITY (see this post for further explanation). The phases of the assignment, up to the final assignment (screening and exhibition) are as follow:

  1. 14 February 2014 Submission of Ideas/Project Proposals
  2. 28 February 2014 Reviewed Proposals are returned for revision
  3. 21 March 2014 Mid-Term Exam: submission of revised proposals, completed with visualizations and/or additional data
  4. 9 May 2014 Pre-End-Term Exam: submission of assigned documents: reports and (documentary) videos of the projects
  5. 16 May 2014 End-Term Exam: exhibition of all creative intervention documents and results, and screening of the (documentary) videos

Please mind the timing and the preparation of the End-Term Exam, because participants of this class need to arrange everything (the exhibition display, venue, screening set, etc.) themselves, in order to get grades for End-Term Exam. Further questions can be addressed to me directly, or through the lecturer assistants of this class.

Have fun!