Pincuk Set

The design of these eating utensils are based on bamboo veneer as the main production material. This design was among the shortlisted in AwiAwiMandiri, a bamboo product design competition held by Saung Angklung Udjo in 2009.

Pincuk Set, exhibited at Campus Center ITB

Pincuk Set, exhibited at Campus Center ITB

If you’d use one, first put a layer of banana leaf on the ‘plate’ as a base for the food. You’d hold the Pincuk ‘plate’ with one hand, and you may eat the food either directly with your other hand, or use one of the folded bamboo-veneer cutlery. The perfect kind of food is the typical Indonesian snacks, which are often accompanied by thick sauce and served in bite-sizes. Wouldn’t it be more appetizing if you enjoy your meals with one of these sets?

Design: M. Ihsan, A. Syarief

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