SecondPage: extending papers’ lives

SecondPage documents

In a class called SENDAL by students (SENDAL stands for SENi, DesAin & Lingkungan), or Arts, Design & The Environment, taught by five lecturers from each programs at our faculty (Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Craft, Visual Arts), we asked students to form groups for their end-term exam. Each group was to bring up an ecological issue and respond to it using their capacities as creative individuals. At the end of the term, they had to submit a video explaining their projects and other documents from their projects (products, photos, posters, etc.)

SecondPage was among the groups that participated in the class in 2011. This project brought up the issues of paper waste, especially the one produced by final year students, who usually have to do several revisions. The first video shows the whole project, the second one gives an introduction to SecondPage, and the third video contains a step-by-step way to produce new notebooks out of used papers. If conducted seriously, this project can be developed into its own business entity, enterprising in taking in used papers, employing (slightly trained) workers, and producing commercially valuable products.

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