I’m Your Shopping Bag

Logo of Anti Plastic Bag Campaign

Anti Plastic Bag Campaign contains a series of events that were initiated by the Environmental Engineering Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan/HMTL) of ITB, Bandung. It ended on Saturday, Feb 9th 2008, with performances, awards, exhibitions and a campaign walk. Friendster site of Antiplasticbag Campaign: http://profiles.friendster.com/50754114

Among the events was a non-plastic bag design competition that was held a couple of months before. The intention of this competition (and its result) is to encourage people to bring their own shopping bags, so they don’t have to use (free, flimsy) plastic bags provided by stores or merchants. Therefore, the bag should be compact and attractive. The winning design was put into production and are available for purchase during the campaign, and here’s how it looks:


One thought on “I’m Your Shopping Bag

  1. umen

    ide cemerlang skali,, tapi yah.. gitulah.. sosialisasinya harus berjuang,, in true meaning of “berjuang”,, ya kan??? saya liat shopping bag ini di an teve,, TOPIK SORE tepatnya,, dan.. saya tuh, langsung tertarik untuk memilikinya,,,

    bisakah kita punya satu shopping bag ini?? walaupun sayanya ada di makassar?? mohon,,, saya mau banget punya satu.. aja!!

    tolong confirm balik bisa apa enggak,, dan kalau bisa,, gimana caranya??

    mari peduli untuk bumi kita,,,


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