Graphic Diary: Climate Action Day

Each year, since 2006, I participate regularly in 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. My stories are usually about real occurrences in my life, hence the term graphic diary is used for my drawings and publications. In 2009, I didn’t feel like drawing (this expression become the title of my story), since ecological and climate change issues and campaigns were at their peak in grabbing global attention at that moment.

Why do I bring it up now? The main reason is my participation in The Climate Project Asia Pacific Summit this weekend, to be trained with other selected ones by former US Vice President Al Gore. In order to prepare us for the event, the organizer sent us materials and questions to think about. Among other is, shortly put, what motivates me (to be active in such movement)? Pondering back to where I started, I think my 24HCD 2009 sums up almost all my answers.

Here are a few from the whole 24 pages. You are very welcome to view the complete story here:

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