Tugas I SENDAL2015

Assignment I Art, Design, Environment FSRD ITB semester II/2014-2015

logo itb 1920In a group of 5, compose a proposal containing an idea and/or a project for a design/art/craft work/object/artifact (including system, activation, etc.). Theme: SMART CITY (within Bandung context)

Ideas or projects for this theme include:

  • Responds in a form of a creative intervention toward current smart city issues in Bandung
  • Works on spaces, functions, or systems of city elements that relate to smart city issues (signage, public art, program, etc.)
  • Problem solving through creative ideas/works that do not depend on massive infrastructure, big budgeting, or complex bureaucracy


  • Paper size A4, horizontal
  • Page 1: title/theme + group identity
  • Page 2 onward: concept and visualization
  • Submission: 30 January 2015

Page 1 >> Ideas/Projects Concept:

  • Basic ideas/ motivations, objectives
  • Material
  • Scenarios of placement/ function/ operational, etc.
  • Other points that are relevant to the realization plan

Page 2 onward >> Visualization of ideas/projects (sketches, digital image, model/mock-up, etc.). Free techniques, as long as the ideas/projects can be clearly presented.

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