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DAbdg putihTime flies, when you’re having fun. Like what we’re having now – approaching DesignAction.bdg – when we realize that the first pre-event has just passed and the second one suddenly appears at the corner!

Slide15The first pre-event was an Expert Opinion Polling, where Riset Indie (an independent research community) teamed up with HMP ITB (Planning Department students society at ITB) in gathering expert opinions concerning the issues of urban mobility in Bandung and processing the input using Delphi Method to come out with conclusions. The event took about four hours in one Saturday morning (April 23), seemingly short, but went quite lively and yielded interesting results.

How it looks from the back of the room during the EOP session

How it looks from the back of the room during the EOP session

What was so exciting about this first pre-event is how we managed to gather so many experts in a room for a focused purpose, eminent stakeholders from different backgrounds (academics, government, communities, etc.) – something that usually occur in a different setting, hosted by a formal institution, instead of an independent community. We are quite honored to have such trust in conducting this session. Another exciting thing is that we actually confirmed a number of assumptions concerning the issues of urban mobility, and that we can use the data from this event to move on to our next plans. Riset Indie is currently arranging the data to be accessible online, in a friendly format (i.e. infographics), with the hope that any audience can contribute to the issues, or even to offer realistic solutions. Congrats and salute to Riset Indie and HMP ITB! Have fun preparing another pre-event, Angkot Day, with all its sub-events!

Slide16The second pre-event takes place next weekend, April 5-6: an internal workshop on Design Thinking, facilitated by Amelia Hendra, whose years of experience from working as a designer at IDEO Shanghai would add to our insights on design thinking method. The workshop is limited to 30 people with various backgrounds (educators, designers, engineers, academics, artists, social workers, etc.), all of whom belong to the organizing team for DesignAction.bdg. It is important for us to have this workshop, since the event we’re preparing is about Design Thinking, while all of us (except Adi Panuntun, who will assist Amelia in the workshop), have next to zero experience concerning Design Thinking methods.  (Although we might have practiced parts of the methods, but with no structured phases and evaluation.) The workshop will bring up the theme urban mobility. At the end of the workshop, we hope to understand more about Design Thinking as a method to exercise our creativity in order to gain innovative, doable solutions for challenges around urban mobility in Bandung. We are really looking forward to having this workshop!

Bring it on! 🙂

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